About Carly

Carly Hotvedt, a proud Democrat and Cherokee Oklahoman, is running for State Senate District 35.  She is a committed public servant raised by the same, a teacher and a Navy veteran.  She is an attorney and the Director of Tribal Enterprise for the University of Arkansas Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative (IFAI).  Carly is married to Chad Hotvedt, a teacher and Air Force veteran.  Last year, Carly and Chad adopted their son Seth, also a Cherokee citizen, after fostering him from the age of 17.

Carly was born in the Claremore Indian Hospital and spent her childhood in Hawaii and Washington State as a Navy brat where she experienced progressive, well-funded, public education.  Her family moved back to Oklahoma in time for Carly to attend Adair High School.  After graduation, she attended Oklahoma State University and became the tenth person in her family to graduate from OSU.  Go Pokes!  She majored in Agribusiness Pre-Law and went on to the University Of Oklahoma School Of Law in the fall of 2008.  While in law school, she interned for two of the largest cities in Oklahoma and clerked for the late Oklahoma State Supreme Court Justice Marion Opala.  She also completed her second OSU bachelor’s degree in Political Science while attending OU Law.

After graduating, Carly started in private practice, helping people obtain Social Security Disability benefits.  She transitioned to litigation work, defending cities and counties.  Carly was hired by Muscogee (Creek) Nation as an Assistant Attorney General based on her government law experience.  After starting at MCN, she began a graduate studies program at OU-Tulsa, graduating in 2018 with her Master’s in Public Administration.  Carly was internally headhunted to take over and restructure the MCN Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources with the goal of reversing annual losses of almost half a million dollars and restoring profitability.  She cut the loss margin of the Division by over 70% in her first year, increase asset quality, and streamlined labor and vertical integration.  The program is projected to be profitable for the fiscal year 2020.

In 2018, Carly ran for Oklahoma House District 67, the third reddest district in the State.  While she did not win that race, Carly proved that a smart, disciplined, hardworking Democrat can make gains even in the reddest of districts.  In a much more evenly split district like Senate District 35, Carly firmly believes that drive and effort can and will make the difference.